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Who Were Your Ancestors?

Every family has a different story to tell

Let me help you to find yours

Would you like to know about your ancestors? 
Where they lived?
What was their occupation, did they serve in the Armed Forces? 
Who did they marry? 
What was life like when they lived?

How Can I Help

With over 20 years’ experience in helping people to find answers to their own family history questions I can help you to answer some of yours.  Family history is amazing and can open up a whole new world of people, the places where they lived and what they did. Let me help you to discover your own historical world.

                                                        Dorothy Clarke

                     Valentine and Kenneth Stacey

Family History Packages

I offer several different types of family history packages tracing your ancestors back to the late 1800s and early 1700s. These typically include a detailed written report on information found, transcriptions of documents, and copies of original records. All this information is presented in a high-quality folder that can be kept for future generations. 

Bespoke Research

I provide bespoke research for family history and a fact checking service. I can help you to get started on your own family history journey or travel with you as you discover your families past.

                                           George Musket

                      Frank & Mabel Clarke's House

Surrey House History

Your house has its own history to tell. Discovering who lived there how it changed and developed and what was happening in the local area. Not only is it fascinating to find out about previous occupants, but it can help with maintenance for future alterations. Even modern houses have a history. What was there before perhaps there was another building, may be it was part of a larger estate.

Why Hire Me?

The Internet has made a vast amount of records and information available. There are many websites solely dedicated to providing genealogical and local history information. However, with so much information available it can be confusing and overwhelming to know where to look and what to look for.  Also knowing how to use the information to further your research is not always straightforward. Tracing your family history can take time to do, often more time than we think and not all records are online. Hiring a professional researcher and genealogist can save you time. 

I have many years experience in helping others with their research. I have traced my own family history and understand the triumphs and the challenges of tracing ancestors.  I have a Bachelor of Art in History and Masters in Historical Research.  I am a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists and abide by their code of conduct, so the quality of my work is assured

                                                          Rose Clarke


Being a professional archivist gives Rachel so many extra research skills because she knows how the records work and where to find them. She has a real attention for detail and having spent hundreds of hours with us trawling through material I can certainly say that she has that detective instinct for finding information.

Di Stiff, Collections Development Archivist, Surrey History Centre

In the 20 years I have known Rachel she has put her research skills to good use. I watched and admired her as she completed a Masters in Historical Research while continuing to work fulltime at the National Archives, as a Reader Advisor. She is very enthusiastic and hard working. She has helped many different people find answers to their research questions and helped to complete many family trees.

Vivienne. Bales

Rachel has all the qualities of persistence, detective skills, and curiosity needed for family history research, plus a deep knowledge of historical records, how archives work, and all their foibles. After many years of advising researchers on their particular questions, it’s great that all her knowledge and experience is now available for longer research projects”

Amanda Bevan, author of Tracing Your Ancestors in the National Archives

It’s not always enough to know what is in an archive document; you need someone who can understand and make sense of the information it contains and make it relevant to your needs. Rachel’s years of experience both at the National Archives and regional county record offices, using a huge variety of archive resources, makes her the ideal person to track down these records and interpret them as needed.  She is the ideal choice to conduct both family and house history research as in addition to her extensive knowledge of the archive records she uses, she is also more than able to exploit the many online resources at our disposal.  As a qualified genealogist myself, I would have no hesitation in recommending Rachel for all you research needs. 

Jane Lewis 

DipGen Strathclyde